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Tax Planning

Tax preparation isn't where you should planning is key!

Sometimes merely filing your tax return is not enough. Sometimes, you need a plan to pay the least you legally can. Our tax planning service starts with a proactive look at all your income and expenses. As the tax deadline approaches you know you can count on us for a timely, accurate tax return. Our goal is to ferret out every legal deduction, credit, and strategy available, before we file your return.

No “red flags.” No “pushing gray areas.” No “overly aggressive” moves. Everything is court-tested and IRS-approved.

Business Tax Analysis

During a short consultation, JETRO will use the information you provide to perform a financial assessment on your business. We will review your situation and let you know if you (or your current accountant) are making expensive tax mistakes, or missing out on valuable tax-saving opportunities.

Information Collection

JETRO will gather information about your company to analyze your finances, including: receivables, payables, cash flow, growth goals, to help to formulate a custom-made plan for your business.

Tax Review

We’ll take a look at your prior tax returns (up to 3 years) to identify any errors or opportunities to recoup past overpayments.

Immediate Action Steps

It is better to show you what we can do by actually doing it... So we’ll give you the top recommendations that we can implement right away to help reduce your tax liabilities.

The Blueprint

Our implementation guide details the steps you can follow to take advantage of the tax saving opportunities we find. And we’ll help you along the way.

Monthly Investment

The monthly rate we charge isn’t an expense, but an investment in solid tax planning, preparation, and financial advice.

Our Promise

With most tax firms, the only time of the year you work with them is during tax season. At JETRO, we like to be involved with your business year-round to ensure that when tax season does come around, there won’t be any surprises and the prep will run as smooth as possible.

Constant Communication

We’ll provide you with personalized emails, announcements and alerts regarding potential tax law changes to make sure you are informed with how they may affect your business, so that you can plan ahead.

We'd Love To Hear From You, Let's Get Started!

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