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Meet Richard James

Richard James

Richard is an Accountant at JETRO and Associates. Richard has an AA in Business Management, and has been doing Xero accounting for over 6 years. 

For me, family comes first. Whether it is my home family or my work family (my clients are family too!) Protecting, teaching, and helping them grow are my ultimate goals. Of these, teaching is probably my favorite of them. I love to be able to shed light on something that was not clear when we started.

For our clients this is being able to take that big dark hairy monster that is your business financials and making them a cute little puppy and easy to understand. 

I love to laugh, and put smiles on people’s faces. Helping to provide understanding about anything I have a little knowledge on puts a smile on my face. I love knowledge and learning new cultures, histories, processes, or anything that I didn’t know before.

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