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Employment at JETRO and Associates


At Jetro & Associates, our people are our most important asset, and we are committed to everyone on our team. Our vision and plan for growth provides for a number of exciting and interesting opportunities for potential applicants. We offer the latest in technology, training, and support necessary to excel in any position. Leadership and life-long development are cornerstones in our commitment to our team members. We guarantee a challenging opportunity in an environment that promotes your ongoing career development, combined with a work/life balance that enables you to enjoy success in both your professional and personal life.


As an accounting student, you are probably looking for an opportunity to obtain the knowledge, skills, and experience for growth and success. Your internship or first job out of college shouldn’t just be a stepping stone, or one that will pigeon-hole you into never ending boredom. Start your future out strong with Jetro. We can provide you the tools you will need to build on your academic foundation with experience-based learning, enabling you to realize advancement opportunities much earlier in your career. Giving you the foundation you need, we will equip you with a broader skill set to start your career which can lead to endless opportunity for specialization down the road. Our team will work with you as coaches and mentors to help you learn the ropes, define a path for your career, and reach your full potential.

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